Welcome to the Plant-Only Revolution!


One year ago, The Live Green Co co-founders were walking from store to store with a trolley full of samples. Now, the company offers products in over 200 locations. And Chile’s premium chain of hypermarkets, Jumbo, is launching a technology pilot with a US$6 billion food manufacturer who has operations in 18 countries, and has raised a seed investment of nearly US$1 million.

How did this biotech start-up grow into such a force in the food tech industry within only two years?

It began with a desire to change the way people consume foodFounders Priyanka Srinivas and Sasikanth Chemalamudi set out to make healthy living available for everyone while creating a sustainable future for their consumers, communities, and the planet. They’re achieving this through their recommendation software, Charaka, which combines ancestral sciences of plant nutrition with biotechnology and machine learning to prescribe 100% natural plant-based alternatives for the animal, synthetic, and highly processed ingredients in food products.

“As a consumer, guilt flooded me every time I bought a product that doesn’t adhere to the Live Green concept, for example – water bottled in plastic. As I traveled the world and noticed that it is the same even in developed countries, I began wondering why companies with huge resources aren’t trying to solve this dilemma,” Srinivas said. She added, “why were there no products that were free of animal cruelty as well as good for my health and the planet? Fabulous plant-based brands were cropping up, but were still using highly processed ingredients and synthetic additives. And brands that focused on health weren’t being friendly to the planet.”

Thus, The Live Green Co was born so that when consumers choose products, they are opting for health and sustainability. They can also rest assured that all the key areas – product, packaging and production – are green.